Mechatronics Designer

Location: Wageningen Campus
Type: Full-Time Position
Start: Fall 2023

Function Description

We are looking for an experienced mechatronic or mechanical designer to engineer together the future of autonomous greenhouse farming. Are you a talented industrial engineer or product designer skilled in domains such as food processing lines or greenhouse (logistics) systems and want to help our civilization with a revolution in affordable and accessible healthy foods?

At Saia Agrobotics you will be part of the engineering team that is responsible to upgrade and integrate our subsystems to let them work in an actual greenhouse environment and to reach the desired throughputs and accuracy. These machines will all have to work together, so design for safety, communication and control will be important aspects. Skills in rapid prototyping and 3D design are most welcomed, as well as the experience to prepare the designs to reach a product level in the future.


  • Develop (sub)systems for plant mobility and automation
  • Work with a multidisciplinary and young team of engineers (A.I., Robotics & Plants)
  • Report directly to the CTO


  • At least 5 years of industrial experience in engineering
  • Excellent skills with Solidworks or similar software
  • Knows how to make design decisions for market applications
  • Proficient in English

Company Background

At Saia Agrobotics we have a mission to bring the revolution of robotics and artificial intelligence to agriculture, to help solve the labor problems in this sector and to provide the world with a more sustainable solution for future food security. Worldwide there is a high pressure on agriculture to automate further. Although the world produces enough calories to feed 20 billion people today, the yields in fresh foods will have to increase sustainably to provide a healthy meal for all. Furthermore, fewer people are willing to do menial labor in the greenhouse than ever before. We strongly believe robotics is an important part of the solution. Saia is developing a revolutionary new way of growing, where plants are made mobile and visit centralized maintenance stations.

You will be joining a close knit, young and ambitious interdisciplinary team with high technological skills that are required to innovate towards a new agricultural future. Our start-up operations are situated at the Wageningen Campus, world leading in food tech. Nearby, in a greenhouse the technology is integrated and tested.

Our Offer

  • A market competitive salary
  • 25 days paid time off
  • 8.33% holiday pay on top of your year salary
  • Travel reimbursement
  • Opportunities to further educate yourself
  • A pension plan

Interested? Let us know by filling in the contact form below, or give us a call!